Testimonials – What our course attendees say …..

The course was excellent, very thorough; it highlighted exactly what I would be doing on a day to day basis. The tutor made it easy to understand all the concepts at the manual handling course, very enjoyable. (July 2013)

Great for learning more about Patient hoists and sliding sheets. (July 2013)

The course was very interesting, wonderful handling techniques. Overall brilliant Thank you. (July 2013)

The course was excellent, very good update on changes since 2 years ago (July 2013)

Very well presented and demonstrated, lots of practical examples (June 2013)

Very beneficial update on hoists etc. (June 2013)

Michael was very informative I really learned a lot and totally enjoyed it (June 2013)

Practical aspects were very helpful (June 2013)

Very well presented and the time flew. Very friendly atmosphere created and good discussion held between participants. Would recommend to others that need this course attained. (June 2013)

I found this course to be very interesting and relevant to my line of work. I learned new things that will help me in the future. I felt comfortable asking questions throughout the day. I feel this course is very beneficial. (June 2013)

Leanne was a very friendly, intuitive and competent demonstrator and I would happily take a course with her again (June 2013)

Leanne was excellent and answered any questions that were asked. The practical training was explained very clearly. (June 2013)

I liked the mix of instructor techniques i.e. wasn’t all just theory, mixed it up with practical stuff also. (June 2013)

I found the course interesting and the practical sessions allowed us to put into practice what we learned. (June 2013)

Excellent, makes you think about what you are doing and doing it right. (May 2013)

The course was very straight forward, practical and very helpful. It makes you aware of how simple things can make a huge difference. It was great. (May 2013)

The course was very good, the tutor and the facilities were excellent, I found the course very useful. (May 2013)

It was very good and informative course. The best manual handling course I have done. (May 2013)

Course was very well presented. It made me see where I make mistakes in lifting and pushing every day. I will try putting what I learned into practice to protect my back. (April 2013)

Course maintained my attention which is difficult for this type of course. (April 2013)

I found the course very relevant to my place of work. Everything was explained very clear and excellent demonstrations. I learned a lot a hope to put it into practice. (April 2013)

I liked the way the course was presented in a professional manner and the trainer was really well informed. (2013)

Very well presented. Consulted attendees about relevance to their jobs and incorporated same into presentation. Concise oral to the point and the points were well made. (April 2013)

Very happy with the course, very detailed. The course was well presented and any questions were answered efficiently. (March 2013)

Course content was excellent and very interesting. Everything was explained clearly and it was very comfortable to ask questions to understand better. (March 2013)

Interesting, informative course. Shows how little changes of habit can make a big difference to health and safety. (March 2013)

Course was very well presented and informative and enjoyable. (March 2013)

Well delivered, clear and informative. Open to questions. Excellent demonstrations. Good interaction and Michael made the course fun also. (March 2013)

I Found the course very interesting and a lot of new ways and safer ways of working. Would not change anything about the course it was very informative. (Feb 2013)

Tutor was very practical made a lot of sense. She was very informative and covered a lot of information. Tutor attended to any questions which were asked. Tutor got participants involved in the course. (Feb 2013)

Discussion at the end of the course was very helpful and interesting. (Feb 2013)

I thought that the course was excellent. There were lots of time for discussion and debate on the different aspects of manual and patient lifting. (Feb 2013)

I enjoyed the course and picked up some useful tits which I can use in my work. (Feb 2013)

Having attended many similar courses in the past I found this to be the most enjoyable and informative. (Feb 2013)

The instructor stressed the importance of correct manual handling which was great to encourage all staff to practice correctly. (Jan 2013)

Excellent presentation combined written information with practical. Easy to remember lovely natured presenter. (Jan 2013)

Very well presented and timed. Relevant examples in practice used clearly and logically progressed through all aspects. No changes needed continue as is. (Jan 2013)

Very good course I never did patient handling before and the course was very interesting. The tutor was excellent. (Jan 2013)