NLP Licensed Practitioner Training

NLP Licensed Practitioner Training is a licensed training in which you are taught and trained in the fundamental elements and skills of Neuro Linguistic Programming. It will entitle you to represent yourself as a Licensed Practitioner of NLP.

Course dates in Waterford Alphazone

Spring Course:

Module 1    21st and 22nd March 2017
Module 2    4th and 5th of April 2017
Module 3    18th and 19th April 2017

Autumn Course:

Module 1    26th and 27th September 2017
Module 2    10th and 11th October 2017
Module 3    24th and 25th October 2017

To express you interest email: [email protected] or book online

 During these six fun packed days you will be learning and integrating the following

 The Foundations and Philosophy of NLP… The Presuppositions of NLP

  • The origins of NLP
  • Empowering new beliefs that will change the way you view your subjective experience of your reality.
  • Embody and integrate the presuppositions of NLP into your thinking and behaving.
  • To take control of your thinking through the freedom of choice and embrace your personal power.
  • A simple communication model that will enable you to always get your message across in the way you intended.
  • Discover and take control of the powerful mind-body connection.

The Key to Achieving Your Goals

  • How to consider and write your goals and importantly, how to consistently transform them into reality.
  • A simple question set that enables us to get very clear and specific about our desired outcomes and objectives.
  • To create your perfect future through inspirational goal setting.
  • That a goal that is in your head is still a dream.

Representing our World Internally

  • Discover how we form complex internal representations of our environment through our five senses.
  • Recognise how people represent their world, enabling you to communicate, persuade, negotiate and influence elegantly and effectively.
  • To match another person’s internal representation to create deep rapport and understanding.
  • Flexibility of language with a linguistic approach to suit every occasion.
  • Reading eye movements to discover how people are thinking, how they decide, learn, recall, in fact all of their thinking processes.

Communicating Effectively with Rapport

  • Quickly connect with someone at the unconscious level, creating openness and trust.
  • Heal, nurture and grow your relationships.
  • Notice what you never noticed before and discover the real secrets to physiological change in communication.
  • Enhance your sensory acuity and lean the process of matching and mirroring in an elegant way.
  • Use your language and your voice to build rapport rapidly over the telephone.
  • Elegantly disagree with others and get your point across while still maintaining great rapport.

The Building Blocks of your Thinking – Sub Modalities

  • How to use and control the language of your mind.
  • Discover how we represent our deepest beliefs internally and how to rapidly change those that limit us.
  • Use the structure of submodalities to change unwanted and unhelpful feelings and behaviours about everyday things.

The Mastery of Language

  • Precise, elegant and effective language patterns for practical daily use.
  • Use the language patterns modelled on the past masters of communication, Dr. Milton Erickson and Virginia Satir.
  • Use language patterns to gain greater acceptance of your message in all areas of life
  • Questions techniques that get you the information you need for win-win outcomes.
  • How to achieve sales with eloquent language and a highly effective process framework, overcoming objections with deep rapport, honesty and trust intact.
  • Know how to ask the key question that will get to the very foundation of a problem.
  • Listen between the lines and listen to what hasn’t been said to gain complete understanding.
  • Break down internal barriers to success with powerful conversational techniques.
  • Negotiate with elegance and gain rapid agreement.

The Power of Stimulus Response through Anchoring

  • Build your personal resources and access them whenever you need them.
  • Maintain positive and helpful emotional states at all times.
  • Immediate state control, in any context.
  • Collapse anchors to remove any negative behaviours or states.
  • Create new strategies with powerful chaining of resources to get people out of ‘stuck’ states like procrastination.

Personal alignment and Congruence

  • Identify and resolve internal conflict and release vast amounts of energy.
  • Gain congruence, balance, alignment and clarity.
  • Make the decision process easier and complete.
  • Think with one voice, feeling assured and confident.

Strategies Create all of our Behaviour

  • Discover what someone does in their head when they do what they do.
  • Elicit and utilise decision-making strategies.
  • Discover how your customer’s decide to buy and develop your engagement process to precisely fit their strategy.
  • Remove unhelpful strategies e.g. Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, and install more helpful ones.
  • New, simple strategies for learning and spelling.

Communicating Your Ideas to Groups

  • Discover how to communicate and elicit change through storytelling and metaphor.
  • How to format your content so that it engages every member of your audience.
  • Starting to speak with charisma.
  • Influencing the state of your audience with storytelling and rapport.

An Introduction to Powerful States of Relaxation and Learning

  • Discover the inner states of accelerated learning
  • Experience total relaxation.

Explore the models of Excellence that are the Techniques of NLP

  • The Fast Phobia Cure
  • The Swish Pattern
  • Compulsion Blowout
  • Timelining
  • Belief Change
  • Values Integration

And much much more………

Pricing for the Licensed Practitioner training is €1600, €1400 early bird , €1200 super early bird for first 6 applications

Your Trainer

Michael Connolly is a highly sought after NLP trainer and Coach who has been at the forefront of things NLP in Ireland NLP - Michael Connollyfor the last 12 years. Michael’s fun and laid back training style coupled with his high energy passion for getting results makes him one of Irelands leading agents for personal and business enhancement. Michael prides himself in making the seemingly complex, simple while organising it into sizeable chunks that anyone can do to get more success. This is your opportunity to learn from Michael how the skills and models of NLP can enhance all areas of your life business and personal alike.